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Fee Transparency

As Fiduciaries, putting your best interest first is our commitment.  We value transparency and want you to know the way in which we may be compensated for services we offer and the products we recommend.

Like other professional's such as attorneys, we charge a "fee" for providing comprehensive or limited scope financial planning advice.  While this can be done on a "hourly" or "per meeting" basis, we have found a monthly planning fee for full access to your advisor with no additional cost for meetings, phone calls or email correspondence leads to greater possibility of a successful financial plan and outcome.  This can be thought of as a monthly subscription fee to your advisor or keeping them on retainer to be accessed as needed.

Our monthly basic financial planning subscription fee typically range from $75 to $300, though they can be  higher, depending on the complexity of your situation, scope of services provided and the frequency of review meetings.

Cost of financial planning services is waived for individual medical professional's who are currently in school, residency or fellowship. There may be an exception to this if the household income is above. $100,000.00.  In certain situations, we may continue to waive the fee for a period of time after the completion of your training or we may feel a monthly subscription for $75 is appropriate.

We are not a transaction-based firm and our goal is to work with our clients for many years.  We view complementary meetings as a show of our good faith toward building the trust needed for a lasting relationship.  All clients are provided a financial planning engagement after the first meeting which formalizes the relationship and indicates whether a fee is being charged and how much it is.

For clients we meet during their training years, the financial planning agreement will indicate the fee  is being waived.  Upon finishing your training years, your advisor will revisit the fee for services provided and propose a cost structure that fits the scope of services you would receive going forward.

These fees do not include compensation we may receive for recommended solutions we implement with your approval.