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Vicki Rackner, MD, FACS

Vicki Rackner, MD, FACS

Vicki Rackner MD draws on personal experiences-- as a practicing surgeon, clinical faculty at the University of Washington School of Medicine and serial entrepreneur-- to help her doctor clients thrive. 

She helps physicians identify their sweet spots--where they experience the personal, professional and financial rewards that attracted them to a career in medicine. Then she helps clients get there by design. 

Dr. Rackner is regularly quoted in the national media including CNN, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Post, Readerʼs Digest, Bottom Line Health, Womanʼs Day, Real Simple and many others. This Chicken Soup author’s latest book is the Myth of the Rich Doctor. 

Dr. Rackner shares the skills and tools that helped her generate revenue through these activities:

  • Keynote speaker at local, regional and national meetings
  • Author
  • Coach
  • Consultant
  • Expert in medical litigation 
  • Serial entrepreneur
  • Guest on over 100 radio shows, including NPR
  • Expert witness in medical litigation
  • Health and wellness expert for a chain of pharmacies
  • Contributing expert for a J&J health initiative
  • Spokesperson for a national assisted living organization
  • Medical Editor for a publication with a monthly distribution of 3 million
  • Founder of a non-profit
  • Consultant helping organizations build business relationships with doctors